Lost momentum, a startup's disclosure: the journey from planned perfection to lessons learned.


The startup world is full of ambitious entrepreneurs trying to make a mark in their respective industries. Unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending, as demonstrated by the failure of a group of guys who set out to create a revolutionary onboarding app.

The concept for the „kopplr“ was born in 2020, with the aim of providing small and medium-sized enterprises with a comprehensive platform for accessing various commerce-enabling services. These services would include payment acceptance, marketing, insurance, and lending. However, the challenge was to create an merchant app store with a unique user interface design that would offer a seamless onboarding experience.

To tackle this challenge, one of the founding members, CCMV, was responsible for creating the app's design, UX/UI, website, and marketing materials. Additionally, the onboarding flow for merchants required a smooth UX flow that ensured compliance with KYC/KYB requirements. Fortunately, the team's extensive experience in the fintech industry allowed them to design a fully compliant onboarding flow with an optimized user experience for conversion.

Despite having a clear vision of what the app should be, different ideas about the application along the other teams led to a major problem later on. Although getting funding for their startup, the team in charge of finishing the app's backend were unable to deliver the desired results within the given time frame, leading to the startup's failure. The kopplr team's story is one of ambition and disappointment. Despite their best efforts, the lack of clarity and communication proved to be their undoing. Nonetheless, the experience offers valuable lessons for entrepreneurs trying to create the next big thing.

The startup world can be tough, don't you know
Not every story has a happy ending, it's so
But we gotta learn from our mistakes, let it go
RIP kopplr, Amen, we'll miss you, bro.

Say bye to kopplr.

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